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Why Should I Use Webx?

Webx provide the Northeast's most cost effective professional solutions running on the best Internet backbone available. We concentrate on quality and ensure that our customers are 100% happy with our services. We have created websites for a variety of companies ranging from small informational websites to large corporate e-commerce solutions. Please see our portfolio of example websites we have created for our customers.

We always ensure all of our customers are completely happy with our website and the service we have provided. Please view some of the testimonials we have received from our customers.

What is your process?

Once weíve discussed your goals with you and have come up with a plan for your Web presence, our first step in the site design process is to determine the siteís navigation, or flow. We do this by listing all of the separate parts of the site, and arranging them into a storyboard or flowchart to ensure that all the pages flow together correctly and convey the right message. This is where the content is decided upon and we determine what content already exists and what needs to be created.

Next comes the creative design process, where the "look and feel" of the site is determined. At this point, we have become acquainted with your company's image and the various marketing materials you currently use. We will have discussed your vision for the site and what your graphical requirements are. We will have talked about some sites that you really like (and some that you donít), and what your competition is doing with our sites. From all of this, we will design about two different "looks" for your site. You can choose the one you like the best, or we may combine a couple of aspects of one or two of them to come up with the final design.

After the siteís design is finalized, we will create any additional graphics that are necessary, manipulate existing graphics for the web and optimize them for the fastest download speeds.

With all the graphics ready, we will build HTML templates for all the major sections of the site and start programming your siteís features. At this point, we will give you a chance to review the templates and make any revisions necessary. Once approved, we will start plugging in the content and getting everything all hooked up. When complete, we will thoroughly test the site, making sure all the links and features work well in all the browsers.

The last thing to do before sending the site out to the World Wide Web, is to add some search engine tagging strategy, or Meta tags. These are lists of keywords and descriptions of your pages so the search engines will know how to categorize your pages.

Once the site is live, we submit it to the search engines and Web indexes, and announce it to any special target audiences that might apply to your site. Webx can also help you develop a marketing plan to make your site known to your current and potential customers.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Our prices are the lowest in the Northeast which is astonishing considering the quality of the work!! Pricing depends upon the scale of the website or e-commerce solution but all prices have been researched to remain the lowest available.

Please see our website design packages to get an idea of the cost effectiveness of our services.

Our website packages enable companies to have a professionally designed website which includes business email accounts, full CMS (Content Management System), customer support and much, much more!

How Much Do Website Updates Cost?

Free! The Webx control panel provides customers with a full CMS (Content Management System) service which allows website updates to be made 24/7/365 for FREE!! If a customer would prefer one of our designers to implement the changes then the cost is just $30 per page!

How Long Does It Take To Have A Website Designed?

Your account will be active as soon as you agree to use our services. We have a 3 day turnaround on the development of websites although the amount of time taken to have your website created depends on how fast information is provided.

If I Already Have A Site Can You Improve It?

Yes we can improve your company's existing website design and add additional content as required. Our website design team member will review your website and recommend various enhancements for your consideration. These enhancements along with your ideas can then be applied to your websites.

Can I View The Progress During The Design Process?

Yes! You will be provided with a direct website address to view the progress of your website. We encourage our customers to do this and ask customers to provide us with input during all stages of the website design and implementation process.

What about site maintenance?

Most sites need regular maintenance ó to check for broken links, to make sure that the code is keeping up with new technology and browsers, to update products and services or other content or feature updates. Webx can maintain your sites for you or we can train you in the technology needed to do the maintenance yourself.

How do I get my own web address (www.yourname.com)?

Also known as a Domain Name or URL, your web address is how people find you on the web. A domain name costs Rs. 600 per year. Since there are so many companies on the web, the name you choose might not be available, and you might have to get creative. Try to make it memorable and easy to say and type.


Where will my site live?

If you already have a site hosted with an ISP (Internet Service Provider), you can continue using them if you like. Or, if you have an ISP that you use for email and dial-up access, you can contact them to see what they offer for site hosting options.

Costs and services tend to vary significantly from one company to the next, so this can be a confusing decision to make. Webx works with several ISPís and hosting companies and can help you find the best hosting service for your site and situation.


What browsers do you design for?

People are browsing the Web using all kinds of browser and operating system configurations and this is one of the most difficult challenges a Web developer faces. Except in cases where we are building an intranet site or designing for very targeted audiences, all of our sites are developed with cross-browser compatible code. Whenever possible, we use features that are available to all browsers or at least degrade acceptably to the older browsers. All of our sites are tested in the following browsers:

Internet Explorer v.5+
Internet Explorer v.4+
Internet Explorer v.3.02
Netscape v.4+
Netscape v.3+
Netscape v.2+
Opera v.3.51+
Mozilla Firefox


Which search engines do you submit to?

Ninety percent of your search engine traffic is going to come from the following search engines and indexes:


We hand-submit each page of a site to the search engines listed above to ensure successful placement. Depending on the site and its audience, we may submit it to a handful of additional targeted services.


Whatís the best way to contact Webx?

Please use whichever form of communication you like!

Email: info@Webxindia.com

Phone: 91 0361 2602576

Address: 2nd & 3rd Floor, IEI Building, Near Panbazar Overbridge. Guwahati-781001, Assam



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