About Us



One stop software shop  

Webx is comprised of the development units, each one of which specializes in its development area and maintains core competency in a particular technology domain. This company structure allows us to be a one-stop shop for customers with all kinds of demands.

Cost effective solutions  

Different companies offer cheaper services, but the quality suffers. Other companies offer better quality, but keep you overcharged. Webx customers highlight that our Price to Quality Ratio is very competitive on the market, and we provide the customer with the highest value to their investments.

Reduced time-to-market  

By relying on extensive programming expertise and employing cutting edge development techniques, we are able to reduce time-to-market for our solutions significantly. As a result, your investment in solution development pays off faster.

Innovative solutions  

Company specialists are skillful in solving both typical and unique business problems of various degrees of complexity. Our Domain Specific manpower can work better on the customer's requirements, which results into a unique and innovative solution.


Strategies and Plans  

Webx strategy in business is to develop long-term relationships based on customers satisfaction and credibility. We are continually working on improving quality of our services, management process, and engineering skills. One of the steps in this direction is sponsoring talented students at the local educational institutions, co-operation with Engineering Departments of Local Universities on improving education courses related to Computer Science, Marketing and Management.



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