Domain Registration

Webx provide additional full-service support to our clients. Webx now provides registering and renewing domain names’ service. We monitor domain expiration dates. There’s no charge for our monitoring and management service.

What's  a (Domain) Name?
The name of your domain does not have to match the name of your business. However, it's an excellent idea to have the name included, if at all possible, because most people trying to find your site will put a dot com after the name of your business. Using your business name makes it simple and easy for interested people to remember.

What's Extension?
Extensions are another consideration when purchasing domain names. These classification conventions are not controlled by law, but following them helps surfers find what they are searching for more easily.


Extension Classification



Commercial businesses


Information about you, your organization, your products or any other information you'd like to make available to a global audience.


Reserved for individuals.


Used by many types of organizations and individuals globally; it was historically intended for and is still commonly used by Internet service providers.


Intended to serve the noncommercial community.


Restricted to certified professionals and related entities



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