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Webx Personal Account is aimed at professionals, programmers and individuals who wish to run their own website. The account provides all basic web requirements such as space, email, database etc.

Why Webx?

Webx serves numerous clients around the North East. This has enabled us to serve our clients at a quicker time and higher quality.

90% of our support system is automated. This makes sure that you can get what you need 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Corporate house like Oil India Pvt. Ltd., Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Ltd. (BVFCL), Federation of Industries and Commerce of North Eastern Region (FINER), North East Yellow Pages (NEYP), etc enjoy Webx services.

All our servers are minimum Pentium PIV Intel based and are located in state-of-the-art infrastructures with higher bandwidth.

Webx maintains 99.99% uptime.

Webx offers personalized DNS [ Name servers in your company name ].

No company offers real time control panel as sophisticated as Webx.

Webx has a dedicated support facility with automated tracking systems. This ensures that you get support on time.

Webx ASP network is wide spread in India and abroad.

Linux Personal Account


This control panel will allow you to configure parameters such as FTP, Folder permissions, Emails, Auto responders, Auto forwarders, Front page extensions, Creating databases, File managing, Password protected URL, Installing spam assassin etc.

What do you get ?


Active Features

5 Mb disk space

2 Email Ids

0.2 Gb Bandwidth per Month

PHP 4.3.3

Latest cPanel X

MySql 4.0.15-standard Database

Customer Control Panel [ cPanel ]

PERL 5.8.1


Front Page Extension servers


CGI , Server-parsed [ .shtml ]


IP deny manager


Spam Assassin



Site Management

Tools & Components

Customer Control Panel cPanel 8.5.3-RELEASE 2 - for controlling key features such as
- Add, remove emails
- Create databases
- FTP Manager
- Sub domain manager etc.

cPanel Skeleton Directory access
for customizing and branding your control panel

Latest cPanel X v2.2.5 themes

Password protected directories

Neomail, Squirell Mail, Horde webmail interfaces

URL redirection

Email Filters

Search Engine submission tools

SMTP Support

PHP My Chat

FTP Manager

Bulletin Board

File Manager

Simple CGI Wrapper
- Random HTML
- GuestBook
- Counter
- Clock
- Countdown
- Setup Search Engine
- Rebuild Search Index
- Entropy Banner

Disk Usage Viewer

Shopping Cart

Custom Error pages

Cron jobs for event scheduling

Website Stats with Analog, Weblizer

Trace route

Raw log manager

Hot link protection


Index Manager

Windows 2003 Personal Account



Active Features

100 Mb of Windows 2003 server space.

Microsoft ASP 6.0.3790.0

5 Pop-3 Email Ids / Webmail

Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1.4322.0

Latest Plesk 6.5 control panel

SSI 6.0.3790.0

Custom Package Creation

Php 4.3.3 (cgi-fcgi)

Customer Control Panel

MS Access 2000 Database Support

Microsoft IIS 6.0

Perl v5.8.0 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

Windows 2003 server - Genuine IBM eseries

Microsoft FrontPage

SCSI Hard Disk with Raid 3

CGI , Server-parsed [ .shtml ]

Dual Xeon Processor

IP deny manager

Dedicated Netscreen Firewall [ Both software & hardware ]

Python 2.3

JDK 1.4

Site Management

Tools & Components

Customer Control Panel - for controlling key features such as
- Add, remove emails
- Create databases
- FTP Manager
- Sub domain manager etc.

Plesk 6.5 with full customization and branding of your control panel

Latest Plesk 6.5 themes

Provision to create your own hosting packages

Horde webmail interfaces

Password protected directories

Email forwarding, Autoresponders

URL redirection

FTP Manager

Persits ASP Upload
ASPEncrypt 2.1
ASPEmail 5.0
ASPUpload 3.0
Xupload 2.1
AspConv 1.5
AspDNS 2.75
AspFile 1.5
AspHTTP 3.54
AspImage 2.31
AspMail 4.11
AspMX 1.5
AspNNTP 1.5
AspPOP3 2.52
AspSock 1.51

File Manager

MS XML Parser 4.01

PHP Myadmin

Event Scheduling

Disk Usage Viewer

SSL Support

Custom Error pages

Website Stats with Weblizer, stats

Multiuser Admin

Software Artisans ASPStudio



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