IT Infrastructure Services

Webx provides a comprehensive set of services to support the design, development, installation, and operation of large, complex networks. As an experienced integrator, we are qualified to provide network services for every phase of the network life cycle including

  • Analysis and Planning

  • Design

  • Engineering and Test

  • Implementation and Deployment

Operations and Management

Our wide range of IT infrastructure services, includes staff augmentation, small and large project work, full outsourcing, training, and business transformation.

Webx understands the challenges facing today's network managers and offers effective and efficient partnership in their resolution. Whether a simple daily operations checklist or a deployment procedure for a new 500-user network site, Webx uses proven-repeatable processes to ensure quality control and successful performance.

As network professionals know, the right staff is the key to success. Webx deploys experienced network professionals and ensures that they are trained on the appropriate processes, technology, and customer environment and objectives. Our experience running networks up to 20,000 users provides a strong knowledge base for performing all phases of the life cycle whatever the network size. In addition, Webx's long history and extensive experience in supporting high security environments assures that we can proactively integrate security into each phase of the life cycle.

Webx's IT Infrastructure Services solutions are tailored to meet YOUR individual needs and environment. We don't just offer a pre-packaged response. We spend the time to ensure that the products and services we provide meet your needs every step of the way. As an experienced integrator, we work with many different companies, types of software, and toolsets. This results in a solution with the best combination of products for YOUR needs, and the ability to leverage what you already have.



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