Logo Design

A logo not only establishes your company's or organization's graphic identity, it also determines the color scheme and style elements used throughout your website. The logo ties the website to everything else your company does, through printed materials, signs, and other collateral material.

Quality logo design is deceptively simple. A good logo is easily recognizable, does not lose integrity when faxed or scanned, creates a positive resonance, and stands out from all the rest. It is consistent with your industry but still unique enough to separate you from the pack.

Most importantly, it has to be a design you can commit to. Memory is visual, and a logo is a hook on which everything about your company hangs. Reputation, memories of good service, and understanding of your products are all clustered, in the client’s mind, around your name and logo. If the logo keeps changing, all of the recognition that you’ve taken time to cultivate gets flushed out and must be rebuilt.

At Webx, we look at logo design in the same way that we look at web page artistry - it has to be clean, easy to read, memorable, professional, beautiful and ideally it has to be easy to incorporate into your existing marketing efforts. In fact, your logo is designed with your needs in mind.

Just tell us what you'd like your logo to look like and we'll begin working up some options within 72 hours. A new logo design can invigorate your business, but if you rely on a random stranger with a copy of Photoshop to create the symbol that your organization will become known by over the years ahead, you may well get less than you bargained for.

Look to the professionals. Look to Webx for your logo design.

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